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I found another source for Autumn Olives, so I picked a bucket of them.  I love Autumn Olives.  They are so easy to pick.  I literally picked for less than 15 minutes, and in that time I was able to pick 4 cups, enough for a batch of fruit leather.  I followed the recipe I found online, and instead of stevia I used 2 Tbs. of sugar.  I also added some mint that a friend gave me, and I just finished drying.  It made enough to fill one tray in my dehydrator, and took about 9 hours to process in there.

My recent travels have revealed that this area is loaded with Autumn Olive bushes. I see the trees everywhere! I'm excited, as I was so disappointed when the last batch molded.  I gave no time for that, this time, I processed these within a few hours of picking.

The finished fruit leather, 2 have been rolled up, and the third is ready to be rolled.  I rolled them in parchment paper for easier storing.  The author of the recipe recommended cutting it in slices for use on salads, instead of craisins.  What a great idea for a fall salad, with some local cheddar cheese, mixed greens, and chopped apples…ooh, and some warm goat kabobs, and a yogurt dressing…I might need to try that!


I picked up a super sweet book at BN, Making Children's Clothes: 25 Stylish Step-by-step Sewing Projects for 0-5 Years
.  There are some great patterns for making kids clothes, and it's getting me inspired to spend some time at the ol' machine.


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We had a family party today.  Mom's side of the family all gathered at one of my Uncle's homes and had food, laughs and time to catch up.  There is never a lack of laughter when that family gets together.  They just love to laugh.  It was a good time.  Before we left I realized that we really don't have a hat that fits the baby.  Her knitted hats are either too hot, or too small, and while we have a sun cap for her when she goes on her daily walk with her dad and sister, it's too big, and more rests on the top of her head while she sleeps in the Mei Tai. 

I had started a bonnet a while back, but misplaced the parts, so today I pulled out some fabric, and while the family were all on their walk, I stitched it up.  I used the pattern from Angry Chicken.  It's a super cute bonnet, but does it fit?  No.  I think it's for a 6+ month old child and the baby is only 4 months and has a small head compared to other babies.  Drats.  It fits better than the others, but even after I added a piece of elastic in the back to pull it in a little, it was still a bit floppy.  Oh, well,  it kept the sun off her bald little baby head, it's very cute, and it will fit…eventually.

The pattern was simple and worked up quickly.  About 1/2 an hour from fabric to bonnet, and that included ironing the parts, as I should, instead of ignoring that part, like I usually do.  I would recommend the pattern, and the fact you can make a bonnet for a baby, child, or adult with it, makes it a lovely deal.  I am considering making one for myself out of linen.


I love those chubby baby cheeks!

Finally!!!  Food Inc is showing in the area. I mentioned it a while back, and I have also heard that it will be shown at the Portsmouth Music Hall this fall, but right now it's play in Concord!


Red River Theater in Concord NH is showing it as follows:

Mon., Aug 10: 3:15, 5:30, 7:45
Tues., Aug 11: 3:15, 5:30, 7:45
Wed., Aug 12: 3:15, 5:30 (includes local food provider post-film discussion), 8:00
Thu., Aug 13: 3:15, 5:30, 7:45

I really want to get over there for that!

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I started a wet bag a couple months ago.  It was inspired by a conversation with a friend, who heard of someone making one out of a used shower curtain.  Seemed like a great idea.  Shower curtains are certainly not earth friendly, so throwing them away seems like such a bad idea, and I really didn't want to spend the money to order special PUL fabric for the lining of the bag.

I got sidetracked mid project, and didn't wander back to it until today.  But now we have a great, reusable bag to put our wet diapers in!  I hope the shower curtain holds up well.  Only time and use will tell.


We have a lot of blueberry pushes on our property.  The property borders a swamp on one side, and that makes for very happy blueberry bushes.  They are the tree kind, so that makes for easy picking, as the ground variety can be tedious after an hour or so of standing on your head.  Mom, Dad and I ventured out back to see if the berries dad and I scouted a few days ago, were now ripe.  They were, at least some were.  They have a fair number of red and green on there too, so we got there just at the right time.  We picked a fair number of the blue berries, and will go back for more later. 

I recently bought black rubber boots and I'm so glad I did, especially at a price of $12.95.  They were intended for chicken/animal care, and I've used them for that, but they were brilliant when I wanted to reach the best berries, that required being up to my calves in water.  I can't believe I am honestly excited about black rubber boots.  I'm not the same girl I used to be, that's for sure. 

I came home dry and happy with my little basket of berries!  Husband made me some blueberry pancakes tonight.  YUM!


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I have heard people say for years how different two kids from the same family can be.  I've seen it first hand in other people's families, and even in siblings in my own.  Especially my brother and I.  However, it's funny to see it in your own children, and when they are just little babies. 

Mini, when she was a baby, had a smile that would light the room.  She smiled and she meant it, huge, bright, infectious.  Her eyes danced.  The smile was enthusiastic and often included what appeared to be her whole body.  And even today, at 2 1/2 she is all in, whatever it is she's doing.  She's enthusiastic, excitable, outgoing and gregarious.  She's not a wild child but, she has energy, she's busy and ready for anything.

The baby has been smiling a lot lately, and I've noticed she has a sweet, soft smile.  There is a gentleness that is soothing and calming.  Her eyes give you hug when she smiles, as if to say I'm so happy to be near you right now.  It will be interesting to see how that comes through as she ages. 

My girls are so great!



Well, I'm tired, and husband put clean sheets on the bed!  They, and their crisp cleanness are calling to me!  I hope the baby sees how important it is to agree to this plan!

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The baby has been wearing the purple bonnet I made a while back, and it fits great, but is a bit too warm when the weather climbs past 70 degrees, since it's made with a wool, alpaca, mohair blend, so I decided to make one out of cotton.  This pattern is PERFECT for infants.  The baby's head is about 13.5" and this hat fits her perfectly, stays on, and is so adorable!  If you have a baby on the way, and it seems much of the blogsphere does, or you know someone who does, this would be a very quick, easy, sweet knit for either sex.  The original pattern has a lace pattern just after the rib, but I omitted because I like the simplicity. 


We got another duck egg today.  Only one a day, which is fine, especially since they just went through the stress of a move.  I'd like to know if it's the same girl laying regularly, or if it's each one taking a turn.

I witnessed the laying of a chicken egg today.  I was out there when an egg was laid before, but she wasn't facing the same way.  This time I opened the door when she was mid way through the egg coming out, and saw the vent opening around the egg.  It was a very wild thing to witness. 

I wish all you mom's a wonderful day tomorrow!

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I did it!  I finally made an article of clothing for myself.  I have been procrastinating in this area, but I plowed through and completed this.  I was inspired by a dress by the Etsy designer I love so much, Sarah Clemens.  I have 2 dresses on order, with the help from my In-laws and a lovely gift certificate, but I knew I could make this one, if I focused, and I had the necessary linen, so I really needed to try.  This dress was constructed much like sculpting with fabric.  I didn't have a pattern, and did not make one before I started, which is what I usually do if I want to make something that I didn't buy a pattern for.  However, this time I was winging it the whole time.  It felt good, scary, exhilarating and frustrating to work this way, but in the end it was successful, I went outside my comfort zone with the medium, which is always good.  I think the finished garment is adorable and very fun to wear! 


It looks kind of shiny, which must be the lighting/flash because the fabric is a not shiny linen.  I'm having issues with my computer right now so I'm dealing using another one that doesn't have my software so pictures are an issue right now…quite frustrating.  Hopefully the geek squad will fix my regular computer quickly, so I can have my regular tools back!!

Jane update:  She tolerated her confinement well, so tonight we are took her 4th wall off, so she is free to move about the box at will, and to eat and drink as she desires.  We have replaced the Easter eggs with the fertile Ancona eggs, and now we wait.  In 7 days we will candle.  This is the process of holding a light up to the egg, in a dark room, to see inside the egg.  So unless something unusual occurs the next Jane Update will be Sunday, April 26.  I didn't take any pictures as I didn't want to stress her out with the flash, but she looked very cute all hunkered down and ready to hatch some babies.

Sunday, April 26, is also Duck and Geese school.  Yellow House Farm is hosting this class to teach people how to raise these other poultry options.  I'm planning on going to that class, as we are going to be acquiring a set of Muscovy ducks that are ready for breeding.  I got to see them when I was at the farm yesterday and they are beautiful.  I am very excited.  I can pick them up as soon as we have the housing ready for them.  I'm hoping that can be ready when I go to Duck School so I can bring them home after I get all the great education that day!  We'll see.

Duck Egg Updated:  The scrambled egg "recipe" I shared from Joseph yesterday, was fabulous! The eggs were a different texture, and flavor, but very similar to chicken eggs and still pleasant. 

Garden Update:  More transplanting going on.  Cole Crops are done and the tomatoes will be once I get the pots from my parents.  The peppers tolerated the transplanting well and look quite happy.

Knitting Update:  I'm starting another soaker/diaper cover for the baby.  I'm thrilled with how well cloth diapering is working for our little family. I picked up some liquid lanolin from the herbal pharmacy today to lanolize the cover my friend made for me.  Liquid seems easier than melting the solid, so I'll try it that way this time.  Husband has been doing a great job of keeping up with the laundry, even with drying them on the line we are still well supplied with diapers.  Yay!

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Happy Easter!

We had Husband's family over for dinner.  I just had to provide a cleanish house.  My mother-in-law brought all the food.  Including her famous Baked Stuffed Shrimp, and Bunny Bread.  We had a lovely meal, followed by reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, and some egg coloring. 

Mini was flouncing about in the dress I made for her. 



It was technically finished yesterday, but I was over the moon about my kitchen island, so I figured I'd post about the dress today.  The pattern was free and found via Ravelry (have you signed up yet?).  The most time consuming part was hand stitching the ribbon to the straps and button area of the bodice.  The bodice knit in no time, maybe 1.5 hours…seriously.  Then the dress is a simple rectangle, stitched up the back, sewn to the bodice.  I used that amazing ribbon hem that I so love, from Oliver+S...though I realize it's not in either photo.  It looked so sweet on her and she seemed comfortable.  The straps are too short, as it's supposed to be a 2 year dress, and she's wearing it like the writer recommends for year 2, so I think I'll pull out the BO and add length, but it's a cute dress and the  pattern was well written.

Before the guests arrived I decided the buffet needed a runner.  Especially in light of how cool the kitchen looks with the new island, so I pulled out my dwindling bolt of fabulous kitchen fabric and whipped one up.  I didn't top stich, because I still had to vacuum, but I'll get to that tomorrow…or at least before I have to wash it.  It really brightened up the buffet and covered the couple of nicks that are in the surface (that wouldn't have been there if I had made the runner when I first got the buffet, instead of putting it off 2 years…)


Cloth Diaper Update:  2 full days of diapering with cloth.  So far so good.  Mini is not minding them as much as I had hoped, though has asked for her paper diapers back… (My next stage in the plan to make her want to potty train, is to get some little girl panties, let her try them on and explain that when she goes on the potty regularly she can wear these instead.) 

The cloth are huge for the baby, and make her VERY bulky on bottom.  They are one size, but I think they will be much better in a couple months than on the very tiny newborn.  We are still using them, but she looks mighty funny, since babies have funny proportions anyway, and now she has this HUGE butt. 


The wool soakers work fabulously so far.  The clothes have stayed dry, even though the diaper has been soaked.  Fabulous!

I hope you had a great Easter!

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