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I have heard people say for years how different two kids from the same family can be.  I've seen it first hand in other people's families, and even in siblings in my own.  Especially my brother and I.  However, it's funny to see it in your own children, and when they are just little babies. 

Mini, when she was a baby, had a smile that would light the room.  She smiled and she meant it, huge, bright, infectious.  Her eyes danced.  The smile was enthusiastic and often included what appeared to be her whole body.  And even today, at 2 1/2 she is all in, whatever it is she's doing.  She's enthusiastic, excitable, outgoing and gregarious.  She's not a wild child but, she has energy, she's busy and ready for anything.

The baby has been smiling a lot lately, and I've noticed she has a sweet, soft smile.  There is a gentleness that is soothing and calming.  Her eyes give you hug when she smiles, as if to say I'm so happy to be near you right now.  It will be interesting to see how that comes through as she ages. 

My girls are so great!



Well, I'm tired, and husband put clean sheets on the bed!  They, and their crisp cleanness are calling to me!  I hope the baby sees how important it is to agree to this plan!

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The baby has been wearing the purple bonnet I made a while back, and it fits great, but is a bit too warm when the weather climbs past 70 degrees, since it's made with a wool, alpaca, mohair blend, so I decided to make one out of cotton.  This pattern is PERFECT for infants.  The baby's head is about 13.5" and this hat fits her perfectly, stays on, and is so adorable!  If you have a baby on the way, and it seems much of the blogsphere does, or you know someone who does, this would be a very quick, easy, sweet knit for either sex.  The original pattern has a lace pattern just after the rib, but I omitted because I like the simplicity. 


We got another duck egg today.  Only one a day, which is fine, especially since they just went through the stress of a move.  I'd like to know if it's the same girl laying regularly, or if it's each one taking a turn.

I witnessed the laying of a chicken egg today.  I was out there when an egg was laid before, but she wasn't facing the same way.  This time I opened the door when she was mid way through the egg coming out, and saw the vent opening around the egg.  It was a very wild thing to witness. 

I wish all you mom's a wonderful day tomorrow!

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I did it!  I finally made an article of clothing for myself.  I have been procrastinating in this area, but I plowed through and completed this.  I was inspired by a dress by the Etsy designer I love so much, Sarah Clemens.  I have 2 dresses on order, with the help from my In-laws and a lovely gift certificate, but I knew I could make this one, if I focused, and I had the necessary linen, so I really needed to try.  This dress was constructed much like sculpting with fabric.  I didn't have a pattern, and did not make one before I started, which is what I usually do if I want to make something that I didn't buy a pattern for.  However, this time I was winging it the whole time.  It felt good, scary, exhilarating and frustrating to work this way, but in the end it was successful, I went outside my comfort zone with the medium, which is always good.  I think the finished garment is adorable and very fun to wear! 


It looks kind of shiny, which must be the lighting/flash because the fabric is a not shiny linen.  I'm having issues with my computer right now so I'm dealing using another one that doesn't have my software so pictures are an issue right now…quite frustrating.  Hopefully the geek squad will fix my regular computer quickly, so I can have my regular tools back!!

Jane update:  She tolerated her confinement well, so tonight we are took her 4th wall off, so she is free to move about the box at will, and to eat and drink as she desires.  We have replaced the Easter eggs with the fertile Ancona eggs, and now we wait.  In 7 days we will candle.  This is the process of holding a light up to the egg, in a dark room, to see inside the egg.  So unless something unusual occurs the next Jane Update will be Sunday, April 26.  I didn't take any pictures as I didn't want to stress her out with the flash, but she looked very cute all hunkered down and ready to hatch some babies.

Sunday, April 26, is also Duck and Geese school.  Yellow House Farm is hosting this class to teach people how to raise these other poultry options.  I'm planning on going to that class, as we are going to be acquiring a set of Muscovy ducks that are ready for breeding.  I got to see them when I was at the farm yesterday and they are beautiful.  I am very excited.  I can pick them up as soon as we have the housing ready for them.  I'm hoping that can be ready when I go to Duck School so I can bring them home after I get all the great education that day!  We'll see.

Duck Egg Updated:  The scrambled egg "recipe" I shared from Joseph yesterday, was fabulous! The eggs were a different texture, and flavor, but very similar to chicken eggs and still pleasant. 

Garden Update:  More transplanting going on.  Cole Crops are done and the tomatoes will be once I get the pots from my parents.  The peppers tolerated the transplanting well and look quite happy.

Knitting Update:  I'm starting another soaker/diaper cover for the baby.  I'm thrilled with how well cloth diapering is working for our little family. I picked up some liquid lanolin from the herbal pharmacy today to lanolize the cover my friend made for me.  Liquid seems easier than melting the solid, so I'll try it that way this time.  Husband has been doing a great job of keeping up with the laundry, even with drying them on the line we are still well supplied with diapers.  Yay!

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Happy Easter!

We had Husband's family over for dinner.  I just had to provide a cleanish house.  My mother-in-law brought all the food.  Including her famous Baked Stuffed Shrimp, and Bunny Bread.  We had a lovely meal, followed by reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, and some egg coloring. 

Mini was flouncing about in the dress I made for her. 



It was technically finished yesterday, but I was over the moon about my kitchen island, so I figured I'd post about the dress today.  The pattern was free and found via Ravelry (have you signed up yet?).  The most time consuming part was hand stitching the ribbon to the straps and button area of the bodice.  The bodice knit in no time, maybe 1.5 hours…seriously.  Then the dress is a simple rectangle, stitched up the back, sewn to the bodice.  I used that amazing ribbon hem that I so love, from Oliver+S...though I realize it's not in either photo.  It looked so sweet on her and she seemed comfortable.  The straps are too short, as it's supposed to be a 2 year dress, and she's wearing it like the writer recommends for year 2, so I think I'll pull out the BO and add length, but it's a cute dress and the  pattern was well written.

Before the guests arrived I decided the buffet needed a runner.  Especially in light of how cool the kitchen looks with the new island, so I pulled out my dwindling bolt of fabulous kitchen fabric and whipped one up.  I didn't top stich, because I still had to vacuum, but I'll get to that tomorrow…or at least before I have to wash it.  It really brightened up the buffet and covered the couple of nicks that are in the surface (that wouldn't have been there if I had made the runner when I first got the buffet, instead of putting it off 2 years…)


Cloth Diaper Update:  2 full days of diapering with cloth.  So far so good.  Mini is not minding them as much as I had hoped, though has asked for her paper diapers back… (My next stage in the plan to make her want to potty train, is to get some little girl panties, let her try them on and explain that when she goes on the potty regularly she can wear these instead.) 

The cloth are huge for the baby, and make her VERY bulky on bottom.  They are one size, but I think they will be much better in a couple months than on the very tiny newborn.  We are still using them, but she looks mighty funny, since babies have funny proportions anyway, and now she has this HUGE butt. 


The wool soakers work fabulously so far.  The clothes have stayed dry, even though the diaper has been soaked.  Fabulous!

I hope you had a great Easter!

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The diapers arrived in the mail from Mother Ease today!  Cloth diapers for the baby.  We got the one size style so we don't have to buy diapers again!!  The generosity of our Parents made these free, so between the breast milk, cloth diapers and hand me downs from Mini, the Baby is not costing much at all!  I'm sure that will change, but for now the "Cheaper by the Dozen" (book, not movies) are on to something…still not adding to our numbers, but they do get cheaper as you go!


Husband and Mini washed and hung them to dry, so we can be full time
cloth diapering tomorrow!

When the box arrived and I told Mini they were new diapers for her and her sister, and we weren't using the other kind anymore, she wanted to try them on immediately…I let her put one over her jeans, but explained that isn't where they usually go.  I hope the new wears of quickly, and the potty holds a new found luster, as I'd rather she not wear diapers at all.

I was treated to some hand knit goodness…well the baby was.  My friend Margo made a soaker!  Fun Orange.


She also made something else, that I'll have to share tomorrow, as it needed better lighting then I had at my disposal, and I don't want to cheat it a good photo, as it is very lovely and deserves a good image.

Secret Wood Project Update:  It's assembled, and should be painted tomorrow…If I can decide on a color.

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I had bought some books via B&N and a couple nursing bras, all of which didn't work out.  So my big "day out" today was mom, the baby and I going to do some returns.  Not terribly exciting.  However, I did get to spend some time with the books at B&N and found a great one for Mini.  The Curious Garden.

Brief rundown:  A little boy who lives in a very industrial city, finds a small garden.  He figures out how to tend the garden, becoming a very enthusiastic gardener.  He and his garden eventually transform his city, and create many more new gardeners.  The illustrations are darling and the story is very sweet and creative.  I love when I find a really good book.  This one doesn't seem to be on the blogging radar, as I haven't seen it before today…but Amazon lists it as published April 2009, so maybe you'll be hearing about it everywhere very soon.  Another cool thing about the book is it appear the author is the illustrator.  Impressive talent.


I also roasted some almonds today.  I have Sally Fallon's book, Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats
.  It's great.  I've learned a lot by reading it. 

I really like nuts and find they are a great snack, but raw nuts don't really interest me, and the roasted nuts in the store are VERY salty, most of the time.  The recipe in Nourishing traditions solves both problems.

1Tbs Sea Salt, water to cover the nuts and 4 cups raw almonds.  Let soak overnight.  Drain in a colander, place on stainless steel pan, bake on 150 degrees or less for 12-24 hours…until dry.  Yum!  Especially when they are hot.  The salt is just enough to add flavor, but not overpower.  They are perfect. 

Knitting:  I started a pair of baby booties for the little one.  I found a pattern on Ravelry, that I happened to own (I love when that happens, even more than when the pattern is available online for free.  It's just so fun to know you already own the pattern), from the book Knitting for Baby: 30 Heirloom Projects with Complete How-to-Knit Instructions
by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas.  The claim, by the authors and several other Ravelry folks, is the booties really stay on. I'm willing to give it a try.  The baby is well covered, but often her legs are toasty when I take off the kick bag or sack she's wearing, but her feet, while not cold, are not as toasty as the legs.  I think a pair of alpaca booties are just the thing to solve that.  I hope to have them done tomorrow…and if they stay on, these will be a new "go to baby gift" because they are very easy and so far enjoyable to make.

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I finished the second soaker!  I lanolized them using these directions a friend got off the internet for me:

You will need: Lansinoh Lanolin, natural baby wash, sink and towel.

1) Melt a tablespoon of lanolin in a cup of water in the microwave. Mix.

2) Fill sink with cool to lukewarm water. Add desired amount of natural baby wash. Mix. Add melted lanolin.

Add wool items to the sink. Wash areas that are soiled or heavily peed
on. Make sure each item is thoroughly covered with lanolin, I do this
by kneading the wool gently.

4) Let sit 15 minutes.

Drain sink. Carefully rinse soap off with cool water. Don’t be too
rough with your wool it can be damaged. Interlock is more forgiving.

6) Lay wool flat on towel and roll towel up. Lay wool on flat surface to dry for the next day or so.

only need to lanolinize wool every month. When the moisture starts
coming through the wool you know it’s time. You can spot wash your wool
if food or poop gets on it.

They are drying, and should be ready for tomorrow…I'm a little excited and nervous at that prospect.  But I did need to sneak a little picture in for the blog before this one was lanolized!


I found about a cool opportunity for all you lactating moms in the New England area.  There is a Milk Bank of New England getting started.  The closest Milk Banks outside of New England are in Ohio and North Carolina.  Having a bank in New England would make donation much easier. 

Since formula is so readily available, and such an acceptable form of child nourishment, many folks find the idea of breast milk donation strange.  Thinking it's weird to give your child someone else's milk.  However, as with many other things that we are finding we thought were "normal and just fine" there is really no substitute for feeding a child breast milk.  For many woman, it's just not possible.  For those in that situation, who really value what breast milk offers, the loss of that ability is compounded by the knowledge their child is missing out.  Donating your milk could make a very difficult situation for one mom, a little easier, not to mention the great benefits you'd be giving her child.  If you are interested in donating breast milk you can find out how to do that on their site.

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FOR TODAY, Wednesday March 25, 2009

Outside my window is a whole world I need to explore.  I have spent far too much time inside lately.  Being very pregnant in the snow and ice tends to keep you inside, as a fall in the 8-9 month could be a big problem.  For this reason I have ventured out very little, but I'm now not pregnant, and the weather is warming, the ground is not slippery, so I need to bring myself and a well bundled little one outside!

I am thinking I'm very blessed!  I had a friend bring a gift today of cloth diapers.  Various sizes, and styles, to get us started on figuring out what works for us and what we should buy!  So wonderful.


From the kitchen, my mom brought dinner tonight, so I wouldn't have to cook.  She's been making dinner for the past few days, since I got home from the hospital, and it has been so nice to have a homemade dinner appear just before it's time to eat!

I am wearing the fabulous nursing gown that I made for the hospital.  I ended up wearing their johnny most of the time, to avoid any unpleasant things happening to my gown, but it was nice to have when I did want it for my walks around the hall.

I am creating wool soakers for cloth diapers!  One down.  Lovely!  I really like this little soaker and I'm excited with how
quick and easily it worked up.
  The baby spent most of the knitting
time in my lap on a cozy blanket, sleeping away.  She sleeps a lot, and
is even hard to wake for feedings.  When she's awake she's happy and alert, so not too sleepy.  I had forgotten how much babies
sleep…as her sister outgrew that a long time ago!  I used Harrisville yarn in Highland Style, Virgin Wool.  I don't have a color name or number as it didn't come with one.  I am excited to say that not only is this wool made in the US, but in fact only about 85 miles away in Harrisville NH.  Great bonus for a locavore!


I am going hoping to go out tomorrow.  Just a short jaunt to the yarn store to show off the new baby, get some more wool, and say "Hi".  We'll see if I'm feeling well enough to go.
I am reading listening to Husband read to Mini at naptime, The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh,
which we received as a treasured gift from my aunt when Mini was born. 
Those stories are fabulous!  I had heard the children's books that were
written based on that book, but don't recall ever hearing the real
thing, and they are totally different.  The kids books have all the
same events, but not the lovely writing, and asides.  Such lines as,

"Hallo, Pooh," said Rabbit.
"Hallo, Rabbit.  Fourteen, wasn't it?"
"What was?"
"My pots of honey what I was counting"
"Fourteen, that's right."
"Are you sure?"
"No," said Rabbit.  "Does it matter?"
"I just like to know," said Pooh humbly. "So as I can say to myself: 'I've got fourteen pots of honey left' Or fifteen as the case may be.  It's sort of comforting."
"Well, let's call it sixteen," said Rabbit.  "What I came to say was…."

Fabulous!  I highly recommend the book we have for family reading times,
and read aloud opportunities.  I have completely enjoyed listening, as has Mini.  They just read bit each day, and pick up where they left off the next

I am hoping the baby keeps her sleeping schedule as it is.  She sleeps through the night, minus the times I wake her for feedings. 

I am hearing Mini fussing for fun…she needs a new hobby.

Around the house things are in surprisingly good shape, and if I keep my knitting tidy, they are even better.

One of my favorite things is watching a newborn.  All the little facial expressions and the little hands moving.  It's just so sweet.

A few plans for the rest of the week: If I'm feeling up to it, I'm hoping to make that trip to the yarn store.  Knit a couple more soakers.  If I am feeling really good by the weekend, we may take a jaunt over to Sugarmomma's Maple Farm on Saturday, for their open house
They will be giving tours of their sugar shack and serving breakfast
from 9-3.  A couple local farms, Lasting Legacy and Yellow House will
be there with animals, and hams and eggs!  I'm hoping for us to be up
for the adventure!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Happy Baby

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We are home. The whole family, and what a nice feeling.  Mini has been adjusting to life as usual, plus one more, tonight.  That little girl never ceases to amaze me.  She handles things in stride.  Not that it doesn't effect her, nor that she doesn't struggle, but I wish at my age I could have the stride she has.  I'm proud of her, and I couldn't ask for a more gentle 2 1/2 year old when it comes to her sister.  Soft loving kisses and hugs filled the baby's evening.  It was a delight. 

The hospital was the necessary evil it had to be, but I made it through, was blessed with very lovely woman to care for me, and a fabulous surgeon.  The healing is coming along, and being home has definitely begun to help already. 

Diaper Decision Update:

I'm working on a diaper cover in Harrisville yarn. I started it in the hospital while the baby slept in my lap.  What a calming time for me, with the warmth of the little person cozy in my lap and the feel of 100% wool running through my fingers.  It took away a lot of tension.

We have decided to try going the "old fashioned" route for the diapers.  Simple cloth, with covers, instead of the pocket or AIO kind of thing.  I'm looking at some All In One's for ease, but may hold off on those until I give the cloth a try and find out there is a need for them.  It might be nice to have them for going out, but I may find that we can get in a groove with the cloth and be just fine.  We'll see.

I'm thinking the cloth with the cover method for the following reasons:

  • Seems the most natural, as there is no need for PUL or other forms of synthetic covers.  The fabrics can be cotton, hemp and wool.  That's all.
  • Very cost effective.  The diapers are less expensive and since the covers are not washed as often, you only need a few of them to handle the same number of diapers.  My understanding is that if I had 5-8 covers that would be perfectly fine for 24-30 diapers, which would have me doing a load of wash every 3rd day. 
  • The ability to easily make them myself.  The cloth diapers seems pretty straight forward, and there are oodles of cover patterns for knitting.  So we can have more for less, as I don't need to buy everything pre-made.  (I can make AIO diapers too, but they seem like more work than the simple fitted cloth diaper, so I might be less inclined to make these with the extra steps and all).

I'm leaning towards purchasing a set of this brand and making additional diapers as needed.  I have a friend who has used them for one child through to potty training and is several months into child 2, and is very pleased with her experiences with them.  They are a bit less expensive then some of the others and I've gotten to see them in person and I like how they feel.  I might buy a couple covers, but I'm thinking I'll either knit them, or sew them from felted sweaters.  We got a couple bags of disposables from the hospital and from my Mother-in-law, so we will have a couple weeks for the cloth to arrive and the covers to be created.  I'll keep you updated.  Thank you to EVERYONE who gave input.  It was all very helpful!

What can be cuter than a baby in warm woolies?


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The baby was born yesterday at 10:08am, weighing 7lb 10oz and measuring 21inches long.  She's healthy and content.  We are enjoying our time with her and I may not post for a couple days. 


Mini counting toes.  She was so excited to be able to play with
baby fingers and toes! 

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