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I finally got the garlic planted.  I think I went a bit overboard with how much space I took up for the garlic, but mom and I think we have a solution…till up more field!  We planted 2 pounds of garlic today.  I brought my camera out, but totally forgot to take any pictures.  Dad brought some sand down to till into the ground as it’s a bit dense and garlic likes a sandy, well draining soil.  After the tilling we planted them 4″ apart in rows that were 18″ apart.  I’m going to throw some mulch down in the next couple days to protect them from the really cold nights.  I love planting in the fall.  I wish gardening could be done in the cool parts of the year, rather so much needing to be done in the very warm parts.  The garlic came from High Mowing Seeds, where I bought all my seeds last year.  I’ve been pouring over their catalog in preparation for my order going in around January.  I like their seeds and their company, so I’m sticking with them.

We planted 2 types of garlic, the Red Chesnok which is a hardneck. This means they produce scapes, which I fell in love with this summer after purchasing some from Shelly at the Farmer’s Market.  They are like tough, curly, lightly garlic flavored scallions.  Great sauted and in soups!

The second kind was Silver Rose, a softneck.  No scapes with this one, but it’s supposed to store longer then hardneck and we weren’t sure what kind would grow best with our conditions so we figured we try one of each.

I’ve been working on that repossessed sweater.  The body is done, as is one sleeve and I’ve started the second sleeve.  I don’t foresee missing my goal of having it done sometime this week.  I was concerned for a little while that I wouldn’t be doing doing any knitting, as tonight while cutting meat for dinner, I took a nice chunk out of the tip of my left thumb!  Dumb.  I should not have been talking on the phone while wielding a knife.  However, the thumb is feeling pretty good and I was able to knit with no noticeable discomfort!

I found a very cute pattern online today. I’m thinking of downloading it…also thinking that if I use worsted or DK weight yarn, instead of the bulky it calls for I could make a pair for mini.  Either way, I think a pair for me in the bulky would be fun!  I don’t know why I’m still considering, and haven’t just clicked to download, since the pattern is only $1.99!

I love signs.  Yes, this is random.  I think people put funny things on signs, not just the changable signs, but even painted/printed signs.  But today while driving to the “paint your own pottery store” (a nightmare, by the way, but I’m not in the mood for a rant so I’ll leave it at that), I saw this sign…I thought the honesty and humor were worth a snapshot.

On that same strip of road is this large leveled lot that used to contain a rather large motel.  The signs for the motel are still standing, boasting such things as “Best room rates in town” and my favorite “Large spacious rooms”… i guess if you were to stay there, you wouldn’t need to worry about the walls closing in on you.  Sorry no picture for that one, too much traffic and not a great angle.

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