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I started this morning early, well at least for me.  I woke up at 8am, and went with my mom to the town library perennial sale.  Mom got a wagon full of plants, and I went away with a modest basil and Iris.  The basil is small and the Iris is just greens for right now, so not very photogenic.

On the way home, to work on the chicken coop, I mentioned to my mom that my Dorking Hen that I was going to be getting from the Yellow House Farm, should be ready soon, as they would be old enough for sexing by early June.  Mom decided we had time go see if she was ready today.  I’m thrilled we went because Joe had separated the hens from the roosters last night!  I got my pick of all the hens.  It was a hard choice.  The white dorkings were beautiful birds, but he had a couple that were bred with Sussex and they were incredibly beautiful.  I decided I needed one of those two, but how to decide!  When Joe pointed out since they were going in with the already established trio, it might be good to get two so they had buddies, and wouldn’t be the odd hen out.  Great logic, so the deal was done!

We had a delightful time looking at all the chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.  The farm specializes (all they do, really) in heritage breeds that have been risking extinction thanks to the invent of mechanized food production, who are more interested in birds they can fatten quickly.  Both of the guys who own the farm are very friendly, knowledgeable, and  excited about what they do and sharing what information they have.  I’m excited about the Barrington Farm Tour that is happening on June 29.  They Yellow House farm is one of the stops and I think the baby will love seeing all the birds.

Upon arriving home dad and I worked on the Chicken coop (windows in, roof on, doors in process).  I put all 5 girls outside together so they could meet in an area that has more to think about then the box they are in inside.  Besides the original 3 have been inside for days, due to the rain, so they needed some fresh air.  They all seem to be getting along quite well, a little pecking and charging, but overall they are happily coexisting.  I think the decision to take both was a good one, as most of the day those two hung out on one side and the other three on the other side.

Just like cliques in high school…

I’m hoping to get some close ups of the new girls, so you can see their excellent coloring…maybe tomorrow.

Here is a mini photo tour of my garden:



Squash (it’s either summer squash, zucchini, or pumpkins…they all look so similar that I won’t know for sure until I see some fruit…remember this is my first garden, I’m still learning!)

Nasturtium (It’s a flower, but it’s in the veggie garden because the flowers are edible, so they might nice garnish and festive additions to salads.)

That is the mini tour, as they were the most photogenic today.

I also picked up more tires today.  Some for the second layer of the potato towers, as you can see the potato plants are getting big.  Some will be for the garden addition…I’ve run out of planting space in the regular garden area and still want more!  So tires as raised beds seems like a good solution.

Tired?!  Definitely.

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