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A neighbor and his son knocked on our door tonight, with an amazing gift!  Fresh Tuna steaks.  My neighbor went fishing and caught a tuna yesterday.  Tonight he dressed it and brought some to share.  I am so thrilled.  I love wild caught animal.  My dad has a freezer full of caribou and some bear meat and I love when we happen to be around when they are cooking either one.

I’ve never had fresh tuna steaks before so I’m searching for a great recipe to make them shine.  I haven’t picked one yet, but I couldn’t leave you without a photo…doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Lady Sweater update:  I got a fair bit of knitting time while working at the yarn store today.  The body is done and one sleeve is half done.  Still on track for my goal of wearing the sweater on Monday!  Hoping for chilly weather on Monday!

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Sorry for my lack of posting.  I have a head cold that is really getting to me.  I have been working on the Lady sweater and have about 4 inches left on the body, then on to the sleeves.  My goal is to be wearing it by Monday, so I hope this cold doesn’t slow me down too badly.

My daughter has taken to asking me (every time she sees me knitting) “What are you making now, Mommy?”  When I tell her a sweater, she says “For Me?”.  “No, for Mommy, is my reply.”  To which she says, “You’ll make me one next?”.  “Sure, honey.”  How can a loving Knitting Mommy say no to such a darling request from such a sweet little girl?  It’s impossible.  So the next sweater will be for her…maybe another one of these in some lovely bulky Aquarella from Malabrigo that I have kicking around.

This one is her favorite sweater.  She calls it her “Fancy” sweater…she’s very into Fancy Nancy, and seems to have decided Fancy means Favorite.

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A day at home.  I love going out on the weekends.  It just seems that is what you are supposed to do, throw off all the work, and go have fun.  But really, I’m not in my 20’s anymore, I have a lot that I want to do before winter hits, so some time at home, even on the weekends is a necessity.

Something strange came over me today and I set to work, just about first thing, in the kitchen, of all places.  I have been wanting to make pizza, especially with all the veggies I have that would be great as toppings…like baby eggplant whose plants died, but the fruit was still pretty small.  I found a lovely recipe online that uses spelt flour, which is my more preferred flour of choice.  I plan on having frozen homemade pizza dough in my freezer all summer next year.  What a great way to serve up some of the yummy veggies, in a no/low fuss sort of way.

I’ve been wanting to make homemade granola since I was in California.  One of the highlights of my mornings was having a bowl of the “house” made granola with ice cold milk!  All the better when done in my own house with wholesome ingredients, and topped with raw milk from the farm.  I settled on a delightful recipe from The Food Network’s, Alton Brown. I like watching him, when I have the occasion to be somewhere with cable.  He’s down to Earth and understands the how and why behind food, so I have full confidence with his recipes.  Some of the recipes on that channel are a little gimicky, but I haven’t found that with his.

Spaghetti squash!  I have a ton.  I made some up for lunch by cooking a small one for 15 minutes in the microwave, removing the strands and tossing with butter, salt, pepper and a healthy amount of parmesean cheese.  But while working with it I thought…this doesn’t seem much different then shredded zucchini…I bet I could use this as a zucchini substitute in breads and such.  Sure enough, I went online, and found that I wasn’t the first to think this.  I’m no long bemoaning what I will do with all this Spaghetti Squash. It might even be up on my list of favorite squash, with it’s new versatility and very long storage life.  Excellent!  I’ll be planting lots next year too.

The slippers are felted and they look great.  I love felting Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep.  It has a lovely texture when it’s felted and I find it works very nicely with my front loading washer…which you can felt in, even though many folks will tell you that you can’t. They are still damp, but I started some of the snowflake embroidery, decided to wait until they are dry to continue, but I think I’m going to like them.  Mini already wants to put them on and saw no reason to wait for them to dry.  But wait she will.

The Garlic has arrived!  I ordered from High Mowing Seeds, as I did all my other seeds this year.  I really like that company.  I had great luck with germination, and being a first timer, I know it wasn’t because I knew what I was doing.  The folks on the phone are helpful, too.  Planting garlic in fall for a spring crop is like planting tulips.  All the work in the fall, when it’s cool and amiable for being outside, and all the benefits after the snow has melted and you are just getting going on the summer of planting, weeding and hard work.  I got to try some Garlic Scapes from my lovely farmers market friend, Shelley, this year, and I’m excited to have my own next year.  I got both a hardneck variety, that has scapes and a softneck that doesn’t, but is supposed to store better and last longer.  So they seem like a good pair.  Now to figure out what my plans are for the garden for next year, so I can find just the right spot for the garlic.  Supposedly it does lovely things like improve the flavor of, and ward off many of the insects that attack, cabbage.  So I think I’ll try to plant them near each other.

The other day my daughter was given a box of old animal figures.  All dating back more than decade…before Made in China sent chills down the spines of news reading parents.  She’s has a lot of fun playing with them, can identify all of them, and likes to make houses for them out of her wooden blocks.  We have one that we can’t figure out what animal it is.  Guesses from those we’ve asked have been Tapir, Ant Eater and prehistoric horse.  There are no other dinosaurs in the box, but I guess it’s possible it’s the lone one.  But none of those guesses have shown to be correct, when checked on Google Images.  Does anyone else have any ideas?  For now we are calling it “the strange animal”. Photo taken by my husband and daughter…She then wanted a picture taken of all her animals.  I love digital!

The long overdue pic of progress on the “Lady Sweater”.  I love this sweater, I can’t wait to wear it.  I want to make several more sweaters in this yarn, in varying colors, but I’m also very frustrated with this project.  I have made a mistake for a long chunk of a given row, realized it 3 rows later and had to rip back 4 rows to fix it, more times than I care to count…at least 5-6.  That is a lot of knitting wasted, and more importantly a lot of knitting time wasted pulling back and getting it back on the needles.  The up side is I’ve been capable of fixing it, and then continuing to move forward. This is just one side because the needles aren’t as long as I am around so the rest of the sweater was bunched behind Isabelle’s back, but you get to see the progress and the start of a beautiful sweater!

And a gratuitous Chicken Pic.  Elizabeth investigating the fall woods.

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What a day!  I had some successes and some failures.  Needless to say, I’m a little frustrated with the later, as it constitutes a waste of time and some money, but hey, you can’t be good at everything, and I’m not…certainly my greatest weakness is my “kitchen skills”.  My mom is amazing in the kitchen and while she overcooks almost every veggie she puts on the table, and can’t figure out for the life of her how to cook a steak with the broiler (both are two of the few things I do excel at), she can cook.  She can take a bit of this and smidge of that, a bucket of something else, and make a really yummy meal.  She doesn’t bake a lot, but she does that well, too.  She made all our bread growing up, as well as pretty much everything else, from scratch.  I don’t think anyone will ever know why I didn’t glean wisdom from the years of living with her, in this area.  Maybe I really was such a brat that I couldn’t be bothered to learn, maybe my mom was a doer not a teacher…I’m sure it’s a case of both, but regardless, I’m not a fan of kitchen time.  I love good food.  Good both in the healthy and wholesome sense, but also in the Yummy sense, and sometimes I stumble along and succeed, and others, not so much.

Today I canned a bunch more tomatoes. Some in simple sauce form and some are diced tomatoes.  This is a very utilitarian straight forward kitchen skill, so one that went very smooth and I have several more jars of winter stash to show for it.  17 quarts and 5 pints to be exact.

One of the few dishes that I feel I possess bragging ability is my corn chowder.  Mom did show me how to make that, and I got a groove over the years with how I make it, which is a variation of Mom’s…my secret ingredient is a bit of nutmeg.  It really expands the flavor.  I made some corn chowder tonight, to bring to a potluck at a friends house.  5 mintues before leaving, late already, I realized I never put in the potatoes!!  Chowder without potatoes!  Crap.  Well, too late to even microwave and throw them in, so off we go with my very literal CORN chowder.  The extremely gracious hostess, unsolicited by me beyond telling her of my faux pas, grabbed a couple potatoes, microwaved and added them before we served, so that little catastrophe was averted.  The chowder was very yummy and several folks commented to that effect.  Yay!

Not so successful was my attempt at “sun dried tomatoes” in the oven.  I left them in too long and they are a bit crunchy, instead of that leathery feel they are supposed to have.  I don’t know if they are lost or not, so I bagged them and will deal with them another day.

Pesto was next on the list. I bought all the ingredients necessary to turn that basil into some fabulous pesto.  The directions I found online indicated you could use a blender if you lack a food processor.  I tried, not really that effective, so I made one batch and will see about borrowing a food processor to do the rest.  It’s really too thick for a blender.  I was able to mix up the first batch with a lot of hassle, and I’m too tired to really taste it tonight, but the small sampling I did have seemed adequate.

Finally, for today, that sweater I’ve been working on.  Not sure how I did it, but I misplaced my markers on 3 of the increases, at some point, so the increase lines are skewed.  I need to pull out about 1/2 of the length, which is more than half of what I’ve knit so far, since it increases as you go.  Very disappointing…and frustrating.

So today had some ups and downs, but overall I’m happy that I forged ahead, and tried, even if it didn’t all end up glowing in the end.

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I made some zucchini bread that is extremely yummy and moist but not photo worthy.

I found a pattern where Pamela Wynne, of flintknits, brilliantly upsized the February Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I’m so excited. I think it’s a great cardigan and I’ve been needing a brown sweater, so the brand new color brown of Ultra Alpaca makes this a perfect project for right now.

I have started the collar, and it’s not very photogenic yet, so this is the image from the pattern.

Another pattern, that is not free like the sweater, but I really want to purchase, is this very fun hat. I’ve knit a pattern by the designer before and found it to be easy to work up, so that is adding to my interest. But the hat is adorable. It reminds me of a brimless knit version of the hat worn by Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice…sans the pompom.

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