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This weekend was well used. Saturday was spent time with family participating in one of our holiday traditions.  There is an organization called Samaritan’s Purse which, every year, organizes an amazing event.  People all over the country take shoe box and fill them will necessity items and toys, to be sent to a child in an impoverished nation somewhere around the globe. My family, parents, husband and I, have been participating in this opportunity for several years.  This is the first time we got to talk to Mini about what we were doing.  She was surprisingly excited about buying things for someone else, and I was quite pleased to see that.  We collected such things as school supplies, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and the like, and included some fun toys including a beaded necklace kit, some fabric with needles, pins, and thread, musical instruments, and a little candy, since that is a big hit with the kids that receive these gifts.  On top is a doll that I made. I usually purchase a small stuffed animal, but felt this year I wanted to take it another step further and give more of myself, than necessarily buying everything.  I hope the girls who receive these items are encouraged and see the love, that someone who doesn’t even know them, can share. If this sounds like something your family would enjoy being a part of, there are drop off locations in every state, but the dates for collection are from 11/17 through 11/24, so you have to get started right away!


I’ve been wanting a table for behind the couch.  I don’t like coffee tables, especially with little ones around.  Not only do the little ones have a habit of grabbing things when they are down so low, but the whole concept seems dangerous for bumps and falls.  But without a coffee table, where do you put your drink and the like?  I’ve been using a TV tray, but they don’t look like part of the decor, and I don’t like putting them back and taking them out.  Finally, the Sofa Table would give me a place to set a nice little table lamp, which would provide more direct light when I’m working on a project, as well as use less energy than the 3 bulb overhead light in the living room.

So I set out looking for a table to fulfill all my living room needs.  I found a few, but the prices ranged from about $129.00 to over $200.00.  Well, I’m too cheap for that, so I decided to make one.

  • $17.12 (4.28 each) 4 legs (which were actually the pieces one would use in constructing a banister/railing for the stairs)
  • $7.08 (2.36 each) 3 pieces of 1x3x48″ pine for the frame to hold the legs stable
  • $7.25 1x10x6 pine for the top
  • $2.47 L-brackets in 2×5/8 size to secure the top to the frame

Total before paint and not including the nails used: $33.92

I have some paint kicking around that I might use, if not I’ll just need a quart of paint to take care of this project.  Even with the paint and nails factored in, I spent less than 1/2 the cost of the least expensive option I found during my search.  I’m pretty excited!  I can’t wait to have it painted, but that is for another day.


The scarf is coming along nicely.  I’m somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 done.  I love how it looks, and as long as I’m paying attention, any level of attention, the stitch pattern is a delight…as soon as I hit auto pilot I mess up and have to rip out several rows to get back.  So I must pay better attention!


Tonight, while I completed the hand stitching on the dolls, my husband and Mini put together the great pine box we picked up at IKEA a couple weeks ago, for a mere $15.00!  It’s for Mini’s toys.  I was so impressed with how helpful she really was.  She even helped fasten the screws in place.  She’s really such a remarkable gal, especially with fine motor and logic skills.  I hope she takes to crafting the way I have, it will be such a fun thing to share with her.  So far she seems to have enthusiasm for it, but I know that sort of thing ebbs and flows with kids.

Mini the toybox maker:



I hope you had an enjoyable weekend too!

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