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I have to get back here because I’m drowning in all the things I want to do and am not doing.  I’ve decided to go back to using this as a daily accountability/journal, which is how it started, but then it morphed because I had followers and felt obligated to stick to my homestead sort of theme that had come about quite naturally.  Well then I realized that I was repeating myself, because each year with homesteading is quite similar as the last, at least the rhythm of the season.  Time was hard to carve out, I was uninspired, so it dropped.  I got that gnowfglins gig and really was uninspired to keep up with that too.

So now I’m just going try to keep myself on track with getting stuff done.  Christmas didn’t go as I’d have liked, just it’s fine, but I let a lot of things pass by, and realized that’s kind of how things are going, in general for me.  So time to get back on track.  2014 needs to be more motivated, organized and focused.

What I did accomplish…I made new chairs for the girls for Christmas.  I wanted to paint them, but didn’t get to that…maybe there will be a “she painted chairs” post soon!

I used the plan from Ana-White.com.  I love that site.  I’ve not made many of her projects, but there are several I’d like to make.  The girls are super hard on chairs.  I’m not sure why, they are rather dainty in stature, but they have broken at least 6 chairs.  I do partially attribute this mass destruction to how cheap and throw away they make things these days, but decided it couldn’t hurt to go with super rugged for these petite gals.  The chairs have a storage bin on the bottom which seems practical, as well as adding strength.  Hey a girl can hope, right?  The plan was brilliant, except it does not tell you, in the what to buy list, that you need a 6′ 1×2.  So after collecting all my material, heading home to start cutting, I realized I need all the wood for the seat apron.  It set the project back a critical 24+ hours.  So if you make these, pick up a 1×2 that is 6′ long!  Otherwise it was a great plan and went together well.  Sanding and painting needs to happen, but they got them this morning and Eowyn has used hers while doing a project and Istra sat on hers, declared “It feels good” then ran off to play with all the trucks she got for Christmas!

One of my newest passions is essential oils!  I have become a consultant for Doterra, which is the most amazing essential oil company!  If you’d like more information about this feel free to comment or send me a message.  I had used essential oils before, but was quite underwhelmed and as you know, if  you read the blog, I love making herbal solutions to colds and sniffles.  Not anymore.  I was blown away with the results of Doterra essential oils and have learned a lot about the use, and am totally smitten!

One of the exciting things about Doterra essential oil is that you can eat them!  Yes, they can be used internally, which is due to their high standards of quality and purity.  This is what got me crushing on them originally, and the relationship moved to a swoon and now I’m head over heals smitten for them!  This morning I decided a little ginger spice latte would be fabulous.  Here is my non-dairy creamer creation…oh, non-dairy because my cow is dry right now.  More about that in a later animal update…we are still homesteading!



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