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The tutorial for the Wrap Around Skirt is still available, for free, but it has moved. You can find it on the sidebar of my new blog under Free Tutorials!

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Tonight was the first night of my new knitting class session.  I love going to knitting class, it’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s just plain cool.  Well, tonight I was feeling conflicted as I traveled down the road, for tonight my little town was having a meeting where you could ask questions of all the candidates running for town selectman.  Our town is at a crossroads, people are lobbying for  a new library which they want to spend up to 5.4 million on, the planning board is working on zoning changes for a “town center” to create an old time town feel at the intersection of the two main highways running through town, the Rec Center wants to build a “complex” (which I think is absurd in a town of 7,000 or so residents), and we are at the point of needing to build a High School as the area towns that we’ve been farming our kids out to are becoming overcrowded themselves, so are no longer looking to renew our contract with them.  Our tax base is already high and all those things are going to potentially effect that greatly.  So I’m cycling through all of this on the way to knitting…thinking that I’m being socially (and in the long run fiscally since it will effect my taxes) irresponsible by going to knitting class instead of listening to what the candidates have to say.  Upon arriving at knitting, which I’m not sure what everyone there thought, since I was a bit of an over enthusiastic chatter box for the time I was there, I came to the conclusion that as much as I wanted to play I really needed to go to the meeting.  I left knitting after about 30 minutes and arrived about 20 minutes into the candidates answering questions.

Conclusion:  There are two seats coming available, one incumbent seems plausible, and one other rep had me until he emphatically stated that if one person who would be directly effected by the rezoning in town didn’t want it he would in no way support it…so there are 2 seats and 7 candidates that I listened to for 1 1/2 hours, and I only 1/2 want two of them.  Similar to my take on the National Election.  But I’m glad I went, as I will be informed when I vote later this month.

I did get some knitting in, however.  I knit during the meeting…I was in the knitting row, there were two other women also working on their knitted goodies in the row I was sitting, and I know at least one of the women in the front also added some stitches to her project, probably a scarf…that is usually what I see her working on at Selectman meetings.  I was working on a tea cozy for myself.  I made one for mom for Christmas, if you recall, and she loves hers.  It keeps her tea hot for hours!  I have been working on a pattern for a sewn cozy, that I will share when I’m happy with it, but I am 6 1/2″ into my very own cozy.  I’m using a solid color, so far, though I may add striping at the top…Not sure yet.  I’ll share pictures tomorrow.

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I have a lot of people around me who are having babies. Holly had a little girl a couple weeks ago, and I really need to get a gift off to her and Savannah Alexis. When Holly was a girl her favorite color was lime green. I found this beautiful washable wool in shades of Pink and Lime Green…how perfect! Art Yarns super merino wool is a delight to knit with. It looks very clean when it’s knit up, as well. Add in the fact it’s washable… I feel giving a new mommy a gift that needs as much care as the baby who will wear it just doesn’t seem right…I’m in love.

Snoopy is modeling the umbilical cord hat from Stitch n’ Bitch, the Knitter’s Handbook. By the way, my friend Laurie is learning to knit and she is loving that book. She is working on the same hat with the same yarn in a different colorway. She finds the instructions very helpful and the projects are definitely among the best selections I’ve seen in an instructional knitting book.

hollyhat1.jpg hollyhat.jpg


Also pregnant, though sex of baby is still unknown, is my friend Sara. She found Cranky Pants while looking at baby things on the Web and wanted a pair. I’m working on figuring out a pattern to make her a set. If the pattern works out and isn’t too complicated she’s going to try her hand at a pair too. She’s working on her first sweater, which is also for a baby…though I don’t know the parents, so one I won’t be knitting for. This is how far I have come on the pants…I need to work out the mouth. The teeth and eyes are going to be embroidered on later.


Finally, for tonight, Kristin is having a baby girl. I’m working on a set of itty bitty socks. The pattern is Hunca Munca from Knitzi. By the way, not only do they have this adorable free pattern, they also have the handiest looking sock project holder I’ve every seen. I am still trying to determine if I will, in fact, be a sock knitter, but if I do decide, and the answer is yes, I will definitely need one of these in my life!

Okay, back to the socks I’m making. I am working on the “rib and twist” pair and using bright pink Baby Ull yarn. I’ll have pics tomorrow. I’m done the leg on one sock, and am going to go work the heel right now.

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I knit whenever I can, wherever I can, however I can. I knit in public a lot, and am always surprised by the reactions. I’ve had people point and comment to their fellow shoppers. I often have people walk up to me and ask me if I can really concentrate while I am walking (I answer politely and don’t tell them if they give me a piece of gum I’ll show them that I can even throw chewing it into the mix). Others start telling me about their own knitting experience, good, bad, the fact they never learned, how they want to learn, how they wish they were good enough to do it while they did something else. I overheard one woman tell a companion that she “can’t believe that girl is knitting in the store, and with all those needles!” (I was working the fingerless gloves on dpns.)

I think it’s funny that it seems so odd to others, when I can’t imagine wasting all that time, just walking around stores, when I could be knitting. The other day, I had already made one of these fingerless gloves for my hubby, and I needed to finish the pair. Mom and I had a day of Christmas shopping (as I’ve said before, I try to give handmade when appropriate, but I have some people on my list that that just won’t work for). I started the glove when we pulled out of the driveway, knit in the car, Target, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Michael’s, Chipolte’s (where I had a very yummy lunch free of added hormones and antibiotics), Stone Cold Ice Cream (needed a little late afternoon pick me up) Joann’s, Woodworker’s Warehouse (or something like that), Lindt Factory outlet, Portsmouth Fabric Company and TJ Maxx. I finished the last stitch as we pulled into the driveway…no joke! I felt like I should come up with one of those combo/jumble names for these gloves, like the cell phone ads that take all the different places the person lives and works and comes up with a combo/jumble name…I don’t remember the cell phone company, but those ads amuse me. So I present to you

TarLinAxx-PoltBesOldAnns-BarnMichwoodric Gloves

I made these with Lamb’s Pride in Black, with size 5 dpn. They are for my husband so I was going for simple and manly, which I feel I’ve achieved. The pattern was from Knitty, by Bonnie Marie Burns. It knits up fast, is very easy, especially if you follow the directions, that are linked in the pattern, for the button hole. The 2×2 rib makes them flexible for a number of sizes. I made the largest option, and I’m not sure why there are 3 options, as I believe the large would work for virtually anyone. I did enlarge the thumb hole to 10 stitches instead of the recommended 6, and it’s much more comfy for a manly thumb.


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I finally put the little embellishments on the tea cozy. I felted it a little more after I did that and I like the size better now. The embellishments aren’t completely felted, but by being partially so, they lay nicer then when they were applied. I’m happy with it. It’s fun and I think my mom will really like it. Oh, and if you like tea, check out the Portsmouth Tea Company. I love their Shooshy La La Chai!

I have two more gifts to make, and I’ll show you tomorrow, what I made for my husband. The gifts I have left are stuffed animals for my baby girls two friends. I met two women at a mom’s group I went to when the baby was first born. We all have girls that are within 2 weeks of each other, in age. We still get together occasionally, and we are going to get together on Friday. I wanted to make each girl a little something, and am thinking it will be a little stuffed animal. More about that in the next couple days.

Well, if you still have gifts to finish, I wish you the best! See you tomorrow, with a new pattern link and pictures!


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I don’t crochet very often, mainly because I love knitting so much.  I love the fact that you don’t have to look at what you are doing as much with knitting, I usually like the finished product better, and I just think that knitting is so much fun.  But, I first learned crochet, and for years that was all I knew how to do…so there is a soft spot for it in my heart, which is why I’m so excited I found Owlishly on Etsy!

She has the cutest little patterns.  I made my daughter a flower girl this summer, so when I saw the new Snow Baby pattern, I had to get it!  Owlishly’s patterns are very easy to follow, the process is fun and the finished doll is just darned adorable!!  Here is the little snow baby I just finished!

I must admit my embroidery leaves a bit to be desired.  I had much greater success with the eyes by using the following technique…

Using a hole punch on a piece of felt, pop out an eye, then lay the little felt dot on the face and embroider  over it.  I think next time I’m going to try to embroider “spokes” close together around the dot using the center of the dot as the center of my spokes.  I don’t know how that will look, but I think it seems like it would look cool.  Using the felt method helps my stitches to stay more even.  I added the little snowflake embellishment to the knee, and it’s my favorite part of the embroidery.  I will like making stuffed toys for the baby much more when I can use buttons for the eyes…for now they are little choking hazards, so I muddle through the embroidery process.

Oh, if you have little boys, she has very cute options they will likely love!


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The scarf I made using several alterations from an original idea from the “One Skein” book that I’m quite enjoying and highly recommend buying… I checked with a pattern making friend of mine who felt I had made enough changes to the original that it was now a different scarf. So here is what I did! I’d love to hear from you if you make one too!! If you send me a picture with what yarn you used, I’ll share it on here (with credit given, of course).


I used a yarn that should yield 4 st/inch on size 9 needles. Instead of using the 9’s to knit, I used size 10.5. But if you make a gauge swatch use the 9’s to get the 4st/inch.

You will need 190 yds. I used Wonderful Wool from Steadfast Fibers, in “Groovy Green”. It is 85% wool and 15% Mohair and is a little itchy before it’s washed. After that it was fine for me, but if you are making it for an “itch-prone” someone, I’d find another yarn in a similar gauge. Since it’s a scarf the gauge isn’t critical, but I liked the slight airiness that is created by using larger then called for needles.

Pull off and ball 7′ of yarn before you begin. Hold for creating the hole.

Cast on 25 stitches.

Row 1: K3 [P2,K2] 4 times, P2, K7, Sl 1 as if to knit.

Row 2, 4, 6, 8: P8 [K2,P2] 5 times P1

Row3, 7: Sl1 as if to knit, [K2,P2] 5 times, K7, Sl1 as if to knit

Row 5: Sl1 as if to knit, [K2, P2] 5 times, 4/4 Cable slipping last stitch worked as if to knit

Repeat, except on Row 1 from now on Sl1 as if to knit [P2,K2] 5 times, K7, Sl1 as if to knit

4/4 Cable: Pick up 4 stitches using a cable needle, hold in front of work, knit next 4 sts, then continue with 4 sts from the cable needle.

Work pattern for 13″, on a #7 row, start hole.

To form Hole: Work in pat 12 stitches. Join yarn you pulled off before you began knitting, leaving a 9″ tail. Continue in pat for remaining stitches. Continue to work both sides of hole on same needles, keeping sides separate. Work 2″ or 9 rows. Next row work over to hole with original yarn, join with other side of hole and continue across. You will not only work using the original yarn for the rest of the scarf. You can cut the 7′ piece to a reasonable length for ease while you continue knitting your scarf. You will want to reinforce each end on the hole with the tails on either end and the weave them in.

Continue working until the scarf measures approximately 36″. I recommend finishing the work on a #2 Row. Next Row, BO.

I believe this is what I did. If you run into any problems with the pattern, please let me know. It works up quickly, you might even still have time to make one for Christmas!

I made this one for a friend, who received it already! I love giving handmade goodies.

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