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Remember the Asparagus I bought a couple days ago… 7 pounds of asparagus that I fully planned on enjoying a bit of and then freezing the rest?  Well, it's all gone.  Yes, for the past 7 days we (mostly me, I'll admit it) have consumed 7 pounds of asparagus.  So I went back to Warren Farm today for 7 more pounds…it was all they had left by the time I got there.  They will have more Saturday…if you get there before me…hehehe.

I froze this 7 pounds though.  I am learning how to do lots of different things to be able to eat local year round.  I have mostly done so for the past year, but that has meant going without a lot of things during the winter, which is a long time up her in NH.  I have a very hard time buying produce in the store.  Not only due to what I know, but also because now that I've eat fresh food for so long, much of the produce just disappoints, and at a hefty price tag.  This winter, I'm looking forward to asparagus quiche, or soup spiced up with the lovely green treat.  How did I freeze it?  Here let me show you.


Wash the Asparagus.  Break of fibrous bottom bits by
holding the end in one hand and bending it with the other.
I will break at the end of the fibrous bit. Compost that part,
It's not very yummy.


Separate by size.  Unlike the store, that goes for uniformity, you are likely going to have dramatically diameter sizes in your bunches.  If you separate into small, medium and large, you will be able to blanch for the appropriate amount of time and have fewer pieces that get overcooked.


Cut all the large/thick pieces and rinse again, if you desire.
Place in boiling water for about 2 1/2-3 minutes. I left
the Medium bits in for 2 minutes and
the smallest/thinnest in for only 1 minute.


Take immediately from the boiling water and plunge in
a bowl prepared with cold water and ice cubes.  This stops
the cooking process immediately.

Lay out on towels to dry, then put in freezer containers.  Allowing
the veggies to dry first keeps from forming a big Asparagus
blob in the freezer container, so if you decide you only need 1/2
the bag for the recipe you can do that.  I bagged them in 1 pound
bags.  Remember to label with contents and date.

Heather, from the farm, told me the Asparagus will not be as crisp as fresh asparagus, once it's frozen.  That is fine.  It's not fresh afterall, but it will still be local, and yummy!

I have been really enjoying the beautiful weather we've had this Spring.  Mud season was far shorter than normal.  It's been great to get so much done during such lovely temps outside.  Today was not one of those days.  Rain all day.  A good day for inside things, like sewing!  I've been working on drawing up a real, profession-ish pattern for the reversible wrap dress that I worked up for personal use.  I've had great response to the dress and the patternless tutorial I have online so I'm working on getting a real pattern together.  I made up one test dress, in Mini's size, to see if my drawings worked out right.  They mostly did, and I now have some tweaks to make. 




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The Tutorial for this dress is still free and available, but it is now linked on my new blog.  You will find it on the sidebar under “Free Tutorials”

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The tutorial for this dress is still available for free, but it is now found on my new blog.  You can find it located in the side bar under “Free Tutorials”.


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