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Today is the longest day of the year, and the first day of Summer! The Radishes were ready to celebrate today…

Aren’t they beautiful! We may try making the Radish Greens soup, after Dad enjoys the little fiery red globes in his salad of fresh picked greens tomorrow. I found two that had been eaten by something, so those will go to the chickens.

Fidelia passed away last night. I guess that’s how it goes with baby chicks, they don’t all make it, but I was still sad. She was the only Partridge Cochin and the place I got them doesn’t have anymore, so for this year, there will be no Partridge Cochin, or Fidelia, in the flock. The name will be reused, however for another bird that it suits. I love the name.

I started making a skirt last night, then worked on it tonight. It’s all done, minus the hem, which is a bear and driving me crazy. The fabric is cheap and flimsy discounted stuff from Joann’s…which I’m so sad that that store is virtually the only place to go for garment fabric. I will not rant about Joann’s but it’s my LEAST favorite store to go to for craft supplies, however, as stated, the options are slim.

So, back to the skirt. It is based on a linen skirt I bought at the mall recently. I love how it flows and it feels to wear, so I wanted to make another. I think that if the fabric was more agreeable*** the skirt would be a delight, so I may scrap this one, now that I know I have the fit correct, and just use the pattern created for it, and use a better fabric. This fabric would require a slip and who wants to deal with another layer in the summer, anyway.

I find that sewing is best done, for me, earlier in the day through mid evening. After 10pm I’m much better off sitting down to relax with my knitting. For this reason, I may give the skirt another chance, since I got this far already. We’ll see.

***I love the word agreeable. It’s one I often use after having watched a Jane Austen film. Most recently I viewed Persuasion, the new version put out by the BBC. It was a delight to watch and the language is so fun in it’s properness. Most agreeable, really.


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The tutorial for the Wrap Around Skirt is still available, for free, but it has moved. You can find it on the sidebar of my new blog under Free Tutorials!

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