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The tutorial for the Wrap Around Skirt is still available, for free, but it has moved. You can find it on the sidebar of my new blog under Free Tutorials!

You can check out the other submissions here:


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Isn’t this cute!  My husband thinks my daughter looks like a Hippie Pixie, when she’s wearing it.

I was going to write up a mini instructional, and decided it would be much better and easier to follow with pictures so I’m going to wait and do a tutorial.  I have a show for my business this weekend, and then I will have to get taxes together, but after April 15th I will post the tutorial for this fun tie skirt and the wrap around reversible circle skirt (which I’m going to submit to the “Sew Mama Sew” contest, so I’m being pretty picky about that one, which is why it’s taking a bit longer then normal for me to make it up).

I’m so ready for these big projects in my work life to be behind me so I can just get to the business of creating!

Newest picture.  I went with a cute baby picture.  I need to get more creative…that is a theme in my life lately.  But here is the baby playing with a pitcher in the tub.

Day 10 Big Pitcher

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I designed a wrap around and reversible skirt for the baby. I wore a skirt today, which is not something I usually do, especially this time of year. Jeans are more my thing. But, I came out of my room wearing my skirt and my daughter said “mumma pants?”. I told her that I was actually wearing a skirt. Evidently she liked the sound of the word, or thought it was a neat garment, because she talked to me about my skirt a few times after that first encounter. I decided tonight to try to make a wrap skirt for her, and in my obsessive desire to not hem, and to have two for the “price” of one, I had to make it reversible.

One side has the pink polka dots with a floral flap in the front, and the other side has the floral with the polkadot flaps, then the band is pink polkadot, goes through a button hole on one side to make the ties work right and ties in the back.

I finished about 20 minutes after she went to bed, so I haven’t had a chance to let her try it on, but she’ll be wearing it tomorrow, to a friends house, with a white t-shirt and the aqua sweater. I made the sweater this past fall and have never liked the fact there is no closure to the front. Tonight, I added ties to the front. I’ll try to get a picture of her all dressed up tomorrow…but I promise nothing!

I also intend to make up the instructions on how I did this, complete with the formulas to make it for any size. My daughter has an 18″ waist, and it required a 28″ square for each fabric for the base of the skirt plus some for the front flaps, and then the waistband. So 1 yard of each should work for a small toddler size. I’m not sure how much the yardage changes as the size does, but I’ll figure that out and include such things in my instructions. It was a lot of fun to make and while it is basic and has simple lines, the fact that there is so much fullness to the skirt makes me think it will be fun to wear. I also think that a little girl, that is a bit older then my daughter who is 19 months, would enjoy twirling this skirt. I’m a bit jealous and may need to figure out the dimensions for one for “mumma”, too.

wrapskirtalone.jpg wrapskirt.jpg

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