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You may remember the little embroidered girl that I finished a few months ago.  It was a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. I have been wanting to use it to decorate a book bag for my little reader to carry her books to and from her daily library trips.  Hubby brings Mini to the library nearly every day it’s open.  She loves going and I’m all for encouraging her enthusiasm for books.

I finally sat down to make, what is in my mind, a reality.

Mini loves it!  If you’d like to make one for your little one, I made up a tutorial!

Library Bag Tutorial

You of course don’t need to add an embroidered embellishment. You could also draw or paint one if you wanted, or omit that part all together.


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The tutorial for the Wrap Around Skirt is still available, for free, but it has moved. You can find it on the sidebar of my new blog under Free Tutorials!

You can check out the other submissions here:

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The tutorial for this dress is still available for free, but it is now found on my new blog.  You can find it located in the side bar under “Free Tutorials”.


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The wrap around dress instructions (that do not include a pattern) are done and I sent them to adobe to convert, and they are all messed up.  Usually I have one little glitch that I can just post a correction for, but this time it moved things around…this is why I have not signed up for their $99.00 subscription.  grrrr….I am going to go to my friends at Best Buy and find out the best way to do these conversions…should I buy software to load onto my computer that will all me to save to PDF, or will something I already have do it for me, and I just don’t know it yet…  At any rate, I have not forgotten, I am not ignoring all the folks who are clammering for them to be done, I just don’t seem to be technically savvy enough to pull it off…yet.

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